Protecting your upholstery and carpet


Why should you apply a protectant (like Scotchguard)?  Don’t some carpets come with this anyway?

Factory applied stain protection wears away over time, leaving your carpet vulnerable to spills and unsightly marks. We can reapply protection to your carpets to keep them looking great longer.

Three benefits of applying a protector:

  1. Protectants resist absorption of a spill into a fibre.   Because the spill tends to bead on the surface you have a longer window of time in which to clean up before any damage occurs.  You are less likely to need professional help to treat a spill.
  2. Stains are more easily removed.  There is a greater probability that we can remove stubborn stains.
  3. Increased resistance to dry soils. This means that routine vacuuming will be more effective. You will pull more dust out of the fabric, when you vacuum.

Most protectors are best applied immediately after a clean, as impurities in the fabric can  reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

It is important to note that a protector might not resist every spill that may occur.  Some liquids may still find their way past the protector resulting in a difficult to fix problem.  However an application of fabric protector is much better than no protection at all.  A treated fabric will stay cleaner longer and clean up more easily than an untreated fabric.


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