Carpet Repair


We can provide solutions for the following problems:

Bonded inserts (virtually invisible patching)

We can remove a damaged area of carpet and insert a patch using the closest available match.  Typically the patch is sourced from a wardrobe or mat already in your property. Examples of damage that may be resolved using bonded inserts are: pot plant rot, burns or permanent stains.  If the donor piece has similar wear and fade characteristics then a repair can be close to invisible.

Seam repair

Where a join has separated, runs, tears or increased wear are likely.  Our prompt repair service can minimise damage to your carpet and remove this trip hazard.


A carpet that loses its tension will wear out sooner and may appear rippled.  We can re-stretch your carpet and restore it to an appropriate tension.

Replacement bars and renovations

We can re-lay carpet following renovations. New knaplock bars can be installed if required.

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