Carpet Cleaning


Domestic, Rental and Commercial Carpets

We understand that carpeting your home, office or rental is a major investment.  You can save money long term by keeping your carpet in tip top condition. Removing dirt, stains and other soiling prevents premature wear and keeps carpets looking their best. Cleaning also removes dust mites and pollens giving you a far healthier home.

“I was very pleased with the carpet cleaning provided by Gold Carpet Cleaning. They were polite, efficient and all stains were completely removed, even red nail polish!  Gordon even went out of his way to repair a small section of underlay.  Your quote was competitive, your manner warm, trusting and friendly. As a matter of fact, I’ve already referred two of our friends to your company”

Sarah Cameron - Home Owner

Stain Removal

With many years of treating thousands of carpets, we’re the experts in solving your stain problems. Whether caused by pets, red wine, fruit juice, oil or any damaging substance, we will do our best to remove stains.
The two main methods of carpet cleaning are:

1. Hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning)

In our experience the most effective carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction.  This method flushes out more dirt than any other method and will remove a significant proportion of stains without the need for specialised stain treatment. Hot water extraction is recommended by most leading carpet manufacturers and is our preferred method of cleaning. We have high tech van mounted cleaning equipment imported from the United States.  This allows us to provide a superior cleaning service whilst extracting the maximum amount of moisture and ensuring carpets and upholstery dry quickly.

2. Low moisture cleaning (also known as dry cleaning)

Low moisture cleaning is a good option when time frames require very quick drying, or when steam cleaning is impractical. We frequently use this method for commercial work.

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